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Now Featuring Luxury Shisha ” Best Hookah in Charlotte”


Blue Mist, Banana, Cherry, Lemon Mint, White Mint, Vanilla Sky, Fuzzy Navel, Strawberry Daiquiri, Watermelon Freeze

Gourmet Mixes*

Summer Sorbet – a mouthwatering mix of Watermelon Freeze & Blue Mist

Banana Cream Pie – A guilt free flavor of Vanilla Sky & Banana that will satisfy your inner sweet tooth…

007 – An unexpected yet smooth & divine blend of White Mint, Vanilla, & Cherry

$20 per Shisha

$10 per new flavor – *$25 for Gourmet Mixes

Hear: A DJ driven backdrop as down tempo music accompanies you through your meal. As the evening matures, music will transition from relaxation to exhilaration as the tempo and excitement increases. Feel: the hip vibe that sets the mood as your senses are called into action. Taste: Charlotte’s most talented bar tenders are on hand to pour, mix and concoct your favorite drinks. Check out our Martini and Wine lists!

Call or email us for special deals on bottle service and booking your work parties.