Osso Restaurant and Lounge | Italian Restaurant, Charlotte, NC



Osso Restaurant & Lounge, Charlotte’s Best Italian Restaurant, Charlotte, NC

Osso Restaurant and Lounge was established three years ago at the NC Music Factory by restaurateur and Charlotte native Alex Myrick.  Our Italian Restaurant is a favorite with concert goers and Charlotte residents alike.   Executive Chef Gene Briggs of the famed Blue Restaurant & Bar brings authentic flavors of Italy to the table for all to enjoy with a delightful mixture of classical and modern Italian cuisine.

We take pride in our locally sourced ingredients and our house-made cuisine.  We make all of our own tomato sauces, pastas, pastries, and pizza dough from scratch, even our mozzarella is made in-house. This means that every bite you take at Osso is absolutely fresh and full of flavor!

Our food is incredible, but so is our décor! Designed by world-renowned designer François Fossard, Osso Restaurant and Lounge décor embodies the chic, sexy, modern, upscale dining establishment that we are.  Next time you come to visit us, look up at the fans decorating the ceiling, you may be surprised at what you find!

Popular with large parties and wedding receptions, Osso Restaurant and Lounge is the perfect place to hold an event!  Contact deborah@ossocharlotte.com to make an inquiry.

Whether you’re looking for a dynamite dinner before seeing a show, a romantic night out with your significant other or a fun place to celebrate with your friends, Osso Restaurant and Lounge is the place for you!

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