This community of entrepreneurs and business owners in Charlotte was established in 2012. It was formed to help small and medium businesses to develop and become successful. Businesses face many challenges at the beginning. Lack of knowledge of rules and regulations, funding options, competition, economic condition, etc. causes businesses to fail. We provide all kinds of resources and help to businesses so that they can face different challenges that come their way.  Many companies have used our program and come out as leaders in their field. Take Jux2 Dumpster Rental for instance. The came into our company with a great idea for local waste management and now they're spreading nationwide as the "go to people" for roll off rentals and recycling.  In such a competitive market as waste disposal that's really an achievement.

Our services

  • Organize networking events where business owners and entrepreneurs can meet and get opportunities to expand their business.
  • Conduct seminars where business owners can share their knowledge and experiences discuss the current issues faced by businesses and more.
  • Arrange workshops for new businesses to learn about various aspects of doing business in Charlotte. Successful business owners or business experts usually conduct these workshops. Practical examples are discussed so that businesses can learn.
  • Recognize achievements by awarding the best businesses in various categories annually. This helps to increase the competition and improve business performances.
  • Conduct training programs for employees and business owners in various aspects of business. These programs will help them to perform well at their work.
  • Offer voluntary services to the companies who are members of the community.
  • Publish a monthly newsletter and distribute it to the member companies so that they can know the current business updates.

This community is a great resource for both new and established businesses. If you are stuck at any point, you can come to us for help. We have experts in this field to help you with any complex situation your business faces.